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July 7, 2009

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Pizzelle Iron for Stove top

If you are looking for a traditional Italian Pizzelle iron I would buy one like this one. These are non electric and should be used over a gas stove. This is the true traditional way to make pizzelles (not with a electric pizzelle iron). This one is called the SCI Scandicrafts Stovetop Pizzelle Iron and if you are looking for the correct traditional way to make pizzelles it’s the one to own.

Pizzelle Irons are remarkably similar to (American) waffle irons. Just like you can buy a brand new warring pro electric waffle iron or an antique griswald cast iron waffle iron so too can you buy an electric pizzelle iron or an old cast iron pizzelle iron.

To use a pizzelle iron you heat up the pizzelle maker for 5-10 minutes. You should put some butter across the iron to prevent sticking with the batter.

Next, put the pizzelle iron over the stove top burner. Gas is preferred to electric as a pizzelle waffle iron won’t heat up properly on a electric stove. (If you have an electric stove I highly recommend that you buy an electric pizzelle iron like this one.)

The iron then stamps a design on the cookie or waffle and quickly the pizzelle will be cooked. Remove from heat and let cool and magically you’ll have a pizzelle. If you want, while the pizzelle is still warm you can roll it into an ice cream cone shape or you can roll it into a cannoli shape. Cannoli shells can be filled with ricotta and sugar mixture or hazelnut cream like nutella. (If you don’t want to roll the pizzel into a cannoli shape you can sandwich the filling between two pizzelle cookies and waffles. With mini pizzelles this tastes amazing and looks just like a cookie.

Here are some of the best Pizzelle Irons:
Traditional Pizzelle Iron — This one you put right over the stove or open flame.
Villaware pizzelle maker – Buy it from Amazon Here (this is non stick)

Cuisinart pizzelle maker – Buy from Amazon now
Chef’s Choice Pizzelle Baker – Buy from Amazon Here
Presto pizzelle baker — B3600 Presto Pizzelle Baker — you can buy it here
Cucina Pro (or the CucinaPro) Pizzelle Maker — Buy from Amazon Here
Toastmaster pizzelle maker – Buy from Amazon here
The Palmer Pizzelle Iron is popular and can be bought on amazon through this link
Vitantonio pizzelle maker
Salton Pizelle Maker — You can buy from Amazon through this link

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